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"Calkwalk" 20"x26"

"Calkwalk" 20"x26"

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When my kids were in elementary school, we always had a Fall festival and one of our favorite things to do was the "Cakewalk". Essentially it was musical chairs but the winner got to choose a cake from a table filled with the most decadent desserts.

"Cakewalk" is an abstract painting that represents the ups and downs of life. It's full of vibrant colors and different shapes. Some parts look chaotic, while others seem more organized, just like life itself. The painting feels like a journey, with movement and change. Despite the challenges it shows, there's a sense of joy, like when we completed the cakewalk game at the Fall festival.

20" x 26" on a 4" cradled wood panel using acrylic, inks, charcoal and cold wax.

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